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Hello I'm Casey Also Known As Edd I'm An Animator That Made A Webtoon Called Caseyshow
It's Pretty Swell

Edd @Caseyshow

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So Where Do I Even Begin? Well First Of All I Was In A Drama On Discord Where I Drew "Porn" Out Of My Animated persona Casey And claiming That He Was Underage Even Tho He Is Confirmed To Have No Age

And It's Not Porn Cuz

  1. It Was Drawn As A Joke
  2. He's PP Was censored
  3. It Was Made Back in September
  4. His Age Is Unknown

So Yeah I Think You Know What Drawing I'm Talking About And That Is The Truck Fucking Drawing I Drew 4 Months Ago But I Got Rid Of It Because Somebody Forced Me To Delete It, So I Did Not Only That But Also People Thought I Traced Eddsworld Even Tho That Wasn't True And I Would Never Trace Art, And Even If I Did Then I Would At Least Credit That Art To Said Person, Also There Is Pepole Who Think I "can't Animate" Even Tho I Can And At Least I Don't Make Animations In Under A Day *Cough* *Cough* Elijah, Plus I Take 1 Week To 3 Months To Get Animation Done For Me And I Try My Hardest To Animate And To Voice Act And Put A Lot Of Effort In It And I Even Work Hard Even On School Days, So There's That Tho You Are Saying That My Animations Are Just Lack Luster Bootleg Products Even Tho It Is Not True, Also Just earlier My Dad Just Abused Me For Nothing And You Guys Are Just Making My Life Worse And You Are Just Calling An Animator Lazy And Useless Witch Is Very Rude And Not Nice, And If You Don't Like Me Then Just Don't Watch Me Nor My Show And Ignore It Don't Just Say I'm Lazy And A Meaningless Eddsworld Rip Off Cuz That Hurts My Feelings, And Also If You Are Gonna Say I'm Shit Then Don't Do It It's a Waste Of My Time And The Things You Are Saying Are Not Making Me Feel Better Ether Since I Have Depression And I Always Feel Sad And You Guys Are Only Making It Worse, And I Already Having An Awful Life In Reality Since My Dad Always Abuses Me All The Time So I Don't Need People Calling Me A Piece Of Shit For Being An "Eddsworld Rip Off",

Yes I'm Still Working On The Caseysode Same Old Gamer, But If This Shit Keeps Up I Will Probably Quit Newgrounds,Youtube,And Vidlii Beacuse Of This Fucking Bullshit, So If You Keep This Shit Up I Will Cancel The Caseysode And i Will Quit Animating Caseyshow And Animation In General, So Yeah Don't Do It. So Yeah This Is Kinda Long But I Had To Get This Message Out As Soon As possible So Yeah See ya.


I Drew This Picture Of My persona To Emote How I Feel Right Now


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In for some slaying 5 Points

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So Does Anybody Wanna Do The Music

Or Voice Act For Caseyshow Or Both


Also My Discord Sever So You Can Send Your Lines Here:https://discord.com/channels/707469642062364702/720129471293685811